Through extra effort, determination, courage and sensitivity, you have come to a place where we can help you work towards your goals. Whether you’re searching for support through a challenging situation or you’re simply ready to turn towards a new direction in your life, Osanis is here to thoughtfully and professionally collaborate with you to begin your new life’s chapter.


At Osanis, we are honoured to facilitate Psycho-Educational Workshops which are designed to meet the desires of youths and adults with a wide range of special needs, as well as their families, caregivers and support staff.

Relevant and affordable, our Psycho-Educational Workshops provide countless opportunities to learn practical skills on a variety of topics which can suitably translate to everyday life. From living healthy lives to growing lasting relationships, Osanis is here for you. It is our desire to address any concerns you may have surrounding your special needs perspective.

Our presenters bring with them a vast practical knowledge background. Additionally, the materials we use in our Psycho-Educational Workshops present the most recent and up-to-date theory, research and practice-based information. Attending any one of our Psycho-Educational Workshops will give participants access to a wealth of applicable information offered through our facilitators and resources, as well as the invaluable discussions which we highly encourage at all of our sessions.

Upon completion, we are pleased to present a certificate of attendance to all participants.


At Osanis, we work to support men, women, youths and children from all walks of life with our workshops.

The Relationship and Boundaries Workshop is created to enhance the interpersonal skills of those individuals who live with intellectual disabilities.

This workshop spans over four consecutive weeks, one session per week, and each session is two hours long.

As always, we are committed to providing individual counselling upon request.


Among the many relevant and valuable tools and skills you will be offered, the Relationship and Boundaries Workshop will explore facets of the following outline:

· Exploring different types of relationships, communication and conversations

· Understanding the different degrees of intimacy among various types of relationships

· Discussing a range of appropriate behaviours related to different types of relationships

· Learn how to protect oneself against potentially dangerous situations


Session I

Different Types of Relationships

Session II

Six Deciding Factors to Consider in Relationships

Session III

Boundaries: Different Levels of Touch, Talk, Trust and Safety

Session IV

Review, Exercises, Discussions and Closure


We are pleased to customize all our workshops for you with content and presentations to meet your unique needs. Additionally, in an effort to suit the needs of all our valuable clients, all our workshops can be facilitated at our office or else at our client’s preferred location. Year-round individualized and private sessions are available for social services providers and community groups. Costs vary for specially created Psycho-Educational Workshops based on construction and applicable travel expenses. Please contact us directly to discuss your financial circumstances.


The cost per workshop is $80.00 CAD plus taxes per person.


Please contact us.

Osanis’ mission is to facilitate services that are tailored to the unique circumstances of each client, in a manner that is consistent with the client’s abilities, beliefs system, cultural practices and goals, and with the core intention to support the client’s rights for safety, wellbeing, dignity and self-determination.