At Osanis, we facilitate Psycho-Educational Workshops, which are designed to meet the desires of youth and adults with a wide range of special needs, as well as their families, caregivers and support staff.

Reasons For Attending Our Psycho-educational Workshops

Relevant and affordable, our Psycho-Educational Workshops provide countless opportunities to learn practical skills on a variety of topics, which can suitably translate to everyday life.

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Our presenters bring with them a vast practical knowledge background. The materials we use in our Psycho-Educational Workshops present the most recent and up-to-date theory, research and practice-based information.

Attending any one of our Psycho-Educational Workshops will give participants access to a wealth of applicable information offered through our facilitators and resources, as well as the invaluable discussions which we highly encourage at all of our sessions.

Locations and Format

In an effort to suit the needs of all our valuable clients, Osanis is pleased to offer several different types of workshop opportunities.

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Our Psycho-Educational Workshops are facilitated at our offices in Victoria and Campbell River. We have the flexibility to facilitate our workshops at our client’s preferred location within Vancouver Island.

Every workshop follows a similar design with three separate sessions, each two hours long. The cost per workshop is $100.00 plus goods and services tax per person. There is a minimum of six and maximum of twelve participants.

We are able to customize workshops with content and presentation styles that meet the unique needs of our clients in a variety of topics associated with social and behavioural sciences. Costs vary for specially created Psycho-Educational Workshops based on construction. Please contact us directly to discuss this service.

Caregivers’ Personal Health And Wellness Workshop

The Caregivers’ Personal Health and Wellness Workshop is created to enhance the personal wellness and health of those caregivers who are seeking improved ways for self-care and better overall quality of life.

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The objectives of the workshop include the following:

  • Gain valuable information regarding ways to improve personal health and wellness
  • Review personal beliefs systems concerning health and wellness
  • Review personal priorities and habits associated with individual lifestyle
  • Compare and contrast personal, interpersonal and financial needs related to lifestyle
  • Identify possible discrepancies between beliefs systems, needs and lifestyle
  • Develop a working Action Plan that encompasses measurable steps intended to address specific issues

Supporting Individuals with Challenging Behaviours Workshop

The Supporting Individuals with Challenging Behaviours Workshop is created to enhance the behaviour management skills of parents, stepparents, grandparents, foster parents, caregivers and support staff who care for individuals with challenging behaviours.

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The objectives of the workshop include the following:

  • Review the A-B-C of behaviours
  • Explore the environment-behavior relationship
  • Explore the trauma-behavior relationship
  • Explore various ways to interpret challenging behaviours
  • Review different types of challenging behaviours
  • Self-assess beliefs, values and responses related to challenging behaviours
  • Discover alternate strategies and approaches to respond to challenging behaviors

Free Consultation

We offer an initial one-hour free consultation session for the purpose of discussing your issues of concern and/or goals. This time provides you an opportunity to confirm that we are the right service for you.


Our tailored-specific workshops access a variety of frameworks. Fees vary according to the nature and length of the tailored-specific workshop. Please contact us for further information.


People paying for their own service are expected to follow the agreed payment schedule.

Payments are accepted in the form of cash, cheque, automatic deposits or Interac e-Transfers.

If you are ready, let’s begin

Please contact us for a free consultation session.