Being different because my personal beliefs and sexual orientation sometimes forces me to deal with ignorant people. Opening up to strangers is never easy. Oscar welcomed me and treated me with respect. I am glad that I came to see him.


Yo me siento agradecida por la forma en que Oscar me ayudo a resolver unos problemas que había tenido por mucho tiempo. Mi temor a enfrentarme a estos problemas desapareció rápidamente ya que Oscar me apoyo a creer en mi misma.

María Luisa

I am glad that you meant what you say in your website about helping people find help in case you are not qualified or suitable to help them. Helping me to connect with this other agency took a huge load off me.


Being a single parent is hard sometimes. I am glad that we decided to see Oscar. He helped us take care of some family issues that were preventing us from getting along with each other. My kids felt very comfortable talking to Oscar. I liked that.

Barbara and kids

I liked that Oscar took the time to know me first before he started to help me. He made sure that I felt comfortable working with him. He helped me set up my goals in a way that it was easy to keep track of them. I worked really hard but things worked out smoothly for me.


Oscar helped me, my mother and my grandparents to work out some stuff. I know that I ended up giving up some, but my mother and grandparents finally realized that things cannot be always their way. I am not a child anymore. It is cool that everyone is willing to give up some stuff.


With Oscar’s help, we were able to come up with a plan to help John be more independent and safe. We stopped focusing only on John and start paying more attention on John’s environment. Like Oscar said, if the environment is the right one for John, half of the challenges are resolved.

On behalf of John

I am glad that Oscar was able to help us figure out how our own experiences outside our community were affecting how we were treating each other. Oscar did not know anything about our traditions and still showed respect and appreciation for our ways of doing things.

Thank you from all of us from the other side of the Malahat

Thanks Oscar for listening. I liked doing all the talking without you interrupting me and trying to tell me what to do. Your suggestions were good.


I found helpful that Oscar used his system to constantly check how I felt about my work towards my goals. His system helped me to realize that I needed to adjust what I was doing a few times. Also, I liked that he checked regularly how I was feeling about the way he was helping me. He always considered my preferences.


Hiring Oscar was a good thing for me and my daughter. Oscar helped us find out new activities for Joanne. Joanne has enjoyed so much attending the new music program on Wednesdays.

Joanne’s Mom

Ann has been doing her volunteer work for a long time, and there have not been any concerns. We never thought reviewing it. Since Oscar helped Ann to look at all her activities and come up with a better schedule, she looks happier.

Ann’s grandparents

Thanks Oscar for helping me. Now I know how to use public transit. I am independent.


I am glad that I decided to call you. Your way of helping me felt ok. I liked that you were easy going when it came to asking me try things out. I felt good about myself.


I liked that you listened to us, and that you are going to look for a home share like my son wants.


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