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Whether you are searching for specific services or just exploring what is available, we welcome you to Osanis. We provide customized employment support services in Victoria, Sooke, Duncan, Nanaimo, Courtenay, Campbell River, Tofino-Ucluelet and Port Alberni.

Reasons to Choose Osanis

First and foremost, our goal at Osanis is that our services respect and support your rights for safety, well­ being, dignity and self-determination.

We appreciate and welcome that you and/or your family, and in some instances your support team, have the greatest levels of knowledge and understanding about your unique situation.

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Every client is special and every circumstance is exceptional to us. Being born with special needs has its unique set of difficulties. Similarly, acquiring a special need as a result of an accident or illness can have heavy physical, emotional, social and financial strains for all concern.

Family members and caregivers who love and support those with special needs take on great responsibilities. Osanis is mindful that those caring helpers are often very busy people who likely must balance multiple competing priorities. We understand that those responsibilities can be overwhelming at times.

Our services are designed to bring to light, and make use of, your individual abilities, strengths, relevant life experiences and resources in order to help you create new opportunities for change that you have identified as meaningful and desirable.

Life’s journey holds difficulties, and sometimes the challenges are too great to face alone. Osanis is here to help you in every way possible.


Osanis customized employment services are focused on helping youth and adults who live with physical, intellectual and/or emotional special needs to look for meaningful employment.


The qualifications and designations that our team and associates posses include community support worker, job coach, job developer, behaviour interventionist, occupational therapist, registered social worker, registered clinical counsellor, board certified behaviour analyst and registered psychologist.


We offer services in Victoria, Sooke, Port Renfrew, Duncan, Nanaimo, Parksville, Courtenay, Comox, Campbell River, Sayward, Port McNeil, Port Hardy, Gold River, Port Alberni, Ucluelet, and Tofino. We have offices in Victoria and Campbell River.

The Assessment Phase – Introduction

At Osanis, we aim to help the individual identify key strengths, preferences and needs directly related to becoming employed. An integral part of developing an individual-specific action plan to become employed is to gather evidence-based information about the individual’s baseline (starting point) with regards to employability. We utilize several assessments.

The Assessment Phase – Drena

Disability related employment needs assessment (DRENA) is an indispensable component of the customized employment process. DRENA allows to efficiently identify employment related disability supports or services for individuals with disabilities. DRENA permits the identification of factors that may impact on the individual to become employable.

The Assessment Phase – Psycho-vocational Assessments

Psycho-vocational assessment (PVA) addresses all aspects of a vocational evaluation. PVA evaluates the individual’s learning competencies, general personality characteristics, current emotional status, general intelligence quotient, motivation and social skills to identify the potential impact of these metrics on the individual’s ability to participate in training and return-to-work programs. PVA is useful for determining the potential for success when considering skills retraining, longer-term educational programs or if the individual has emotional or pain concerns.

The Assessment Phase – Discovery Assessments

Discovery Assessments provide the opportunity to build personalized employment-oriented strategies that equip the individual with the tools he or she needs in order to feel confident about what may be required to return to the workforce. Discovery Assessments enable the individual to identify specific areas that may be required for further exploration.

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Discovery Assessments are essentially a road map for defining the best course of action for accessing in the most efficient manner all the available resources that may be available to help the individual become employed.

The Assessment Phase – Vocational (Career) Counselling

Vocational (career) counselling is a short term one-on-one exploration of the individual’s current circumstances, life experiences, educational and vocational experiences, vocational needs and vocational goals. Please visit our Special Needs Counselling Page for more information.

Pre-employment Supports

Pre-employment supports focus on youth and adults who may not be ready for employment. Pre-employment supports provide practical learning opportunities for engaging with general employment-related tasks such as literacy, numeracy, time management, problem solving, basic communication and interpersonal skills, task completion, stress management and accountability. Pre-employment supports may provide short term volunteer placements.

Job Development

Job development is a one-on-one process that implements the recommendations of the assessment phase with regards to the individual’s employability. Job development is a process that enables the individual seeking employment to be connected directly with an employer that is in the position to offer a tailored-specific job.

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Job development is a process that provides when needed assistance and guidance to the individual with all pre-employment related tasks such as cover letter and resume writing as well as interviewing skills. Job development is a process that supports employers to explore unmet business needs so that job opportunities can be created or customized. Job development is a process that permits the creation of a job that suits specifically the skills, abilities and experiences of the individual and the needs of the employer. Job development is a collaborative process that enables the individual seeking employment and employer to mutually benefit from their working relationship.

Job Coaching

Job coaching is based on providing one-on-one support to the individual and employer on the job site. Job coaching focuses on providing training to the individual on the job site. Job coaching assists the individual to perform job tasks that meet the employer’s specifications.

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Job coaching is a process that helps the individual to learn the interpersonal skills necessary to function effectively as a worker. Job coaching is a process that provides advocacy and mediation to the individual and employer for the purpose of maximizing the success of the working relationship.

Free Consultation

We offer an initial one-hour free consultation session for the purpose of discussing your issues of concern and/or goals. This time provides you an opportunity to confirm that we are the right service for you.


Our Customized Employment Services access a variety of professionals with various fee schedules. Fees vary according to the nature and length of service. Please contact us for further information.


People paying for their own service are expected to follow the agreed payment schedule.

Payments are accepted in the form of cash, cheque, automatic deposits or Interac e-Transfers.

Approved Service Provider For Publicly Funded Services

Osanis is an approved service provider with the Autism Funding Program for children six years an older. Please call 1-877-777-3530 or please go to this link http://www2.gov.bc.ca/assets/gov/health/managing-your-health/autism/autism_handbook_parents_guide.pdf

Osanis is an approved service provider with the Ministry of Children and Family Development. Please contact your resource social worker and discuss the situation with them.

We are an approved service provider with the Community Living British Columbia (CLBC).  Adults who live with Developmental Disabilities, Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder and High Functioning Autism Disorder, as well as their families, caregivers and support staff, who may be interested in receiving CLBC funded services from Osanis are encouraged to contact CLBC.

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CLBC Victoria Office

#220 – 174 Wilson Street
Victoria, BC V9A 7N6
Phone: 250-952-4203

CLBC Duncan Office

Suite 101 – 116 Queens Road
Duncan, BC V9L 2W6
Phone: 1-855-390-7200

CLBC Nanaimo Office

6531 Metral Drive
Nanaimo, BC V9T 2L9
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CLBC Parksville Office

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CLBC Courtenay Office

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