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Whether you are searching for specific services or just exploring what is available, we welcome you to Osanis. We provide positive behaviour support services in Victoria, Sooke, Duncan, Nanaimo, Courtenay, Campbell River, Tofino-Ucluelet and Port Alberni.

Reasons to Choose Osanis

First and foremost, our goal at Osanis is that our services respect and support your rights for safety, well­ being, dignity and self-determination.

We appreciate and welcome that you and/or your family, and in some instances your support team, have the greatest levels of knowledge and understanding about your unique situation.

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Every client is special and every circumstance is exceptional to us. Being born with special needs has its unique set of difficulties. Similarly, acquiring a special need as a result of an accident or illness can have heavy physical, emotional, social and financial strains for all concern.

Family members and caregivers who love and support those with special needs take on great responsibilities. Osanis is mindful that those caring helpers are often very busy people who likely must balance multiple competing priorities. We understand that those responsibilities can be overwhelming at times.

Our services are designed to bring to light, and make use of, your individual abilities, strengths, relevant life experiences and resources in order to help you create new opportunities for change that you have identified as meaningful and desirable.

Life’s journey holds difficulties, and sometimes the challenges are too great to face alone. Osanis is here to help you in every way possible.


Osanis positive behavior support services are focused on helping children six years and older, youth and adults with special needs who struggle with undesirable behaviors.


The qualifications and designations that our team and associates posses include community support worker, job coach, job developer, behaviour interventionist, occupational therapist, registered social worker, registered clinical counsellor, board certified behaviour analyst and registered psychologist.


We offer services in Victoria, Sooke, Port Renfrew, Duncan, Nanaimo, Parksville, Courtenay, Comox, Campbell River, Sayward, Port McNeil, Port Hardy, Gold River, Port Alberni, Ucluelet, and Tofino. We have offices in Victoria and Campbell River.


At Osanis, our positive behavior support plans are a “road map” that helps the individual replace undesirable with desirable behaviors as well as support the family and caregivers to respond in the most effective manner considering the unique circumstances of the individual, family life and all relevant environmental conditions. Our positive behavior support plans can focus on home, school and/or community-based interventions.

Tailored to Individual Needs

By seeking to modify current behavioral trends that are considered undesirable, Osanis Positive Behavior Support Plans include approaches specifically designed to help the individual maximize opportunities for replacing unwanted behaviours by learning and incorporating appropriate and pro-social behaviors.

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Osanis Positive Behavior Support Plans provide particular strategies for preventing and responding effectively to behaviors associated with safety issues, crises and emergencies.

Active, flexible and ever-changing, Positive Behavior Support Plans are developed so that progress can be measured, potential barriers can be anticipated, and relevant strategies can be implemented.


We collaborate closely with the individual, their families, caregivers, support staff and associated professionals to create an active and living document that encompasses measurable characteristics.

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Osanis Positive Behavior Support Plans are the result of continues feedback from all stakeholders. Feedback is a pivotal component of this service. We welcome constant input from the individual, their families, caregivers, support staff and associated professionals. Ongoing dialogue and debriefing are encouraged and facilitated with all the support people throughout the entire process.

Support to Family & Caregivers

Osanis Positive Behavior Support Plans provide training and support to families and caregivers via several activities. Family and caregivers receive written instructions on how to implement the plan. Role-modeling the procedures to family and caregivers to support their learning is facilitated.

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Family and caregivers are guided to role-play their responses to their love one in the targeted contexts to maximize similarities. This activity provides family and caregivers an opportunity to practice specific implementation and problem solving responses. Family and caregivers have the option to access in-vivo (real time) coaching to further enhance the understanding and facilitation of all relevant strategies that are contained within the plan.

Behavior Intervention Workers

We provide one-to-one hourly support. The context of this support is defined by the positive behavior plan.

Free Consultation

We offer an initial one-hour free consultation session for the purpose of discussing your issues of concern and/or goals. This time provides you an opportunity to confirm that we are the right service for you.


Our positive behavior supports services access a variety of professionals with various fee schedules. Fees vary according to the nature and length of service. Please contact us for further information.


People paying for their own service are expected to follow the agreed payment schedule.

Payments are accepted in the form of cash, cheque, automatic deposits or Interac e-Transfers.

Approved Service Provider for Publicly Funded Services

Osanis is an approved service provider with the Autism Funding Program for children six years an older. Please call 1-877-777-3530 or please go to this link http://www2.gov.bc.ca/assets/gov/health/managing-your-health/autism/autism_handbook_parents_guide.pdf

Osanis is an approved service provider with the Ministry of Children and Family Development. Please contact your resource social worker and discuss the situation with them.

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