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Employment Profile

During the many roles he has enjoyed throughout his adult life, Oscar has always been dedicated to the social services sector with specific focus on the special needs field for close to thirty years.

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Always adaptable and ever-eager, Oscar started as a frontline worker. Many of Oscar’s frontline roles have included community support worker, educational assistant, job coach, vocational counsellor, life skills coach, crisis response worker, family development worker, behaviour consultant and special needs clinical counsellor. Respectively, the responsibilities he has been presented with have taken him to many different working environments from clients’ homes to institutions, as well as group homes and schools, to diverse services including day programs, employment programs, crises response programs, rehabilitation programs and counselling programs.

Throughout the majority of his career, Oscar has focused mainly on the areas of clinical counselling, behaviour support, vocational and physical rehabilitation, life skills training, community outreach, family development and residential supports. As a clinical counsellor, he has a broad range of training and practical experience in the areas of trauma, addictions, mental health, rehabilitation, family development and neurodevelopmental disabilities. As a behavior support consultant, he integrates his training and practical experience in applied behavior analysis with many of the same skill sets of his clinical counselling practice providing unique and efficient perspectives when supporting individuals with socially significant behaviors.

Oscar’s administrative and managerial responsibilities have included family services coordinator and coordinator of residential services, as well as supervisor of group homes and day programs. Also, Oscar has supported teams and groups in the social services field with the development and execution of professional growth and team building training. Oscar is proud to currently serve as the CEO & Practice Leader of Osanis Counselling and Consulting Inc.

Academic Profile

Oscar considers himself a lifelong learner. Oscar envisions continuing his formal education indefinitely. Oscar holds a Bachelor of Social Work and a Psychology Minor as well as a Master of Arts in Counselling Psychology from the University of Victoria.

Professional Development Profile

Oscar considers essential to continue enhancing one’s personal and professional selves. Oscar suggests that working purposefully on growing personally and professionally maximizes opportunities for better serving others. These are Oscar’s highlights in terms of his ongoing professional development:

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  • Psychometric Assessments B Level, Yorkville University
  • Somatic Experiencing Practitioner, Somatic Experiencing Trauma Institute
  • Behavior Supports and Treatment of Complex & Dissociative Disorders in Children and Youth, International Society for Trauma and Dissociation
  • Community Mental Health & Addictions Work, Vancouver Island Health Authority
  • Counselling Support, Camosun College
  • Mental Health Work, Camosun College
  • Community Support Work, Camosun College

Professional Affiliations And Designations

With transparency, Oscar is currently registered as a member of the following associations and college:

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  • British Columbia College of Social Workers # 09872 (RSW)
  • Canadian Counselling & Psychotherapy Association # 2251 (CCC)
  • Somatic Experiencing Trauma Institute (SEP)

Academic and Research Interests

Oscar’s academic interests have always revolved around disciplines such as education, psychology, social work and statistics. In recent years, he has developed a growing interest in health sciences associated with the care for individuals with complex developmental and mental health needs within a family setting.

Research interests have found him focusing on the social services sector, specifically in the following areas of practice:

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  • The effectiveness of clinical counselling work for adults with moderate to severe cognitive impairments.
  • Quality of life for families living with issues associated with developmental disabilities, acquired disabilities, chronic illnesses and rehabilitation concerns.
  • Vicarious traumatization among immediate family members supporting individuals living with acquired disabilities such as brain injury.
  • Stress levels among family members, caregivers and support staff who support individuals living with developmental disabilities, acquired disabilities such as brain injury, chronic illnesses and rehabilitation concerns.
  • Benefits of professional development training for family members, caregivers and support staff who support individuals living with developmental disabilities, acquired disabilities such as brain injury, chronic illnesses and rehabilitation concerns.
  • Benefits of neurobehavioral approaches and environmental accommodations to address shortfalls in adaptive functioning abilities.
  • A needs assessment in relation to the development of a curriculum (training program) for foster parents and professional caregivers in the area of positive behavior supports.
  • Effective methodologies for the translation of anecdotal information into operational definitions of behavior within applied behavior analysis principles.
  • Youth with complex psychosocial needs transitioning to adulthood.


Oscar Trad-Pizarro