Why Osanis

Our Values


Client Rights

Osanis is committed to interacting with each client and facilitating services in a manner that acknowledges and promotes every person’s intrinsic rights for safety, wellbeing, dignity and self-determination.


Osanis is committed to providing services in accordance with an established and recognized Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice.

Anti-Oppressive and Inclusive Environment

Osanis is committed to interacting with each client in a manner that acknowledges and respects their age, gender, sexual orientation, race, religious affiliation, place of birth, socio-economic location, level of education, abilities, political views, lifestyle and cultural practices.

Corporate Beliefs

All our clients possess innate wisdom and inherent worth, have intrinsic rights for human safety, wellbeing, dignity and self-determination, have innate abilities for self-identifying their goals and have the basic right to receive skilled and qualified services.