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Through extra effort, determination, courage and sensitivity, you have come to a place where we can help you work towards your goals. Whether you’re searching for support through a challenging situation or you’re simply ready to turn towards a new direction in your life, Osanis is here to thoughtfully and professionally collaborate with you to begin your new life’s chapter.

Why Osanis

Our Values


Client Rights

Osanis is committed to interacting with each client and facilitating services in a manner that acknowledges and promotes every person’s intrinsic rights for safety, wellbeing, dignity and self-determination.


Osanis is committed to providing services in accordance with an established and recognized Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice.

Anti-Oppressive and Inclusive Environment

Osanis is committed to interacting with each client in a manner that acknowledges and respects their age, gender, sexual orientation, race, religious affiliation, place of birth, socio-economic location, level of education, abilities, political views, lifestyle and cultural practices.

Corporate Beliefs

All our clients possess innate wisdom and inherent worth, have intrinsic rights for human safety, wellbeing, dignity and self-determination, have innate abilities for self-identifying their goals and have the basic right to receive skilled and qualified services.

What our clients are saying

Being different because my personal beliefs and sexual orientation sometimes forces me to deal with ignorant people. Opening up to strangers is never easy. Oscar welcomed me and treated me with respect. I am glad that I came to see him.


Yo me siento agradecida por la forma en que Oscar me ayudo a resolver unos problemas que había tenido por mucho tiempo. Mi temor a enfrentarme a estos problemas desapareció rápidamente ya que Oscar me apoyo a creer en mi misma.


I am glad that you meant what you say in your website about helping people find help in case you are not qualified or suitable to help them. Helping me to connect with this other agency took a huge load off me.


Being a single parent is hard sometimes. I am glad that we decided to see Oscar. He helped us take care of some family issues that were preventing us from getting along with each other. My kids felt very comfortable talking to Oscar. I liked that.


I liked that Oscar took the time to know me first before he started to help me. He made sure that I felt comfortable working with him. He helped me set up my goals in a way that it was easy to keep track of them. I worked really hard but things worked out smoothly for me.


With Oscar’s help, we were able to come up with a plan to help John be more independent and safe. We stopped focusing only on John and start paying more attention on John’s environment. Like Oscar said, if the environment is the right one for John, half of the challenges are resolve


Oscar helped me, my mother and my grandparents to work out some stuff. I know that I ended up giving up some, but my mother and grandparents finally realized that things cannot be always their way. I am not a child anymore. It is cool that everyone is willing to give up some stuff.